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We also do custom development in the area of computer vision applications. Please visit the links below to see what we can do for you, and see demos of our custom built products.

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About LightningCube
  • MonitorCam

    MonitorCam is a motion detection program that uses your web camera to easily set up an inexpensive home security system. It can generate audible alarm sounds when motion is detected, capture images on disk, and send e-mail alerts with image attachments.

  • NoRedEye

    NoRedEye is a program that automatically detects and corrects the problem of 'red eyes' frequently encountered in digital photos taken by a flash camera.

  • PhotoWaterMarker

    PhotoWaterMarker helps you protect your images and photos by adding watermarks, which can be text or logo, and can be highly customised. Works on batches of images in one go to make watermarking photographs easier.

  • HotPixelRemover

    HotPixelRemover eliminates the problem of 'hot pixels' from your digital photos. Hot pixels are those annoying bright dots that may appear in your photos in shaded or dark areas and are caused by problematic pixels in your camera's CCD sensor.

Latest News

  • HotPixelRemover v1.2 Released HotPixelRemover version 1.2 has been released. Compared to v1.0, this latest version of HotPixelRemover includes an enhanced EXIF handling module, EXIF data is now preserved in processed image files, and a number of minor bug fixes. Published April 8, 2009
  • PhotoWaterMarker v1.1 Released PhotoWaterMarker version 1.1 has been released. Compared to v1.0, this latest version of PhotoWaterMarker contains over 20 new watermark blending modes, including amongst others a new improved embossing mode, lattice blending, dissolve, screen blending,... Published March 6, 2009
  • MonitorCam v2.0 Released Lightning Cube Software announces a major release of MonitorCam. MonitorCam v2.0 provides new functionality such as saving video from the web camera to disk as AVI files in addition to image files, uploading images or videos to a remote FTP site whenever motion is detected,... Published Feb 5, 2009

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